Long Time Coming

I’m drifting around aimlessly, taking a swig from the drink in my hand every now and then, when I spot Kimberly along one of the paths. She grins lasciviously at me, and I grin back. Kimberly has now hit on me more times than I can count. She’s good-looking and definitely wild; just my type – well, for a casual hook-up, anyway. And, because of Charlotte, I know for a fact that she’s a firecracker in bed.

Charlotte is the main reason I’ve rebuffed all of Kimberly’s advances. They were mostly monogamous, as far as I know. The breakup was over baby drama: they couldn’t agree on who the father should be. C’est la vie. Things were rocky in our little group for a little while, but we’re finally stable again. Charlotte and Kimberly are no longer a couple, but they’ve managed to remain friends. And thank goodness: Santiago and I knew all along that they wouldn’t last, but Kimberly really grew on us. We were both happy not to have to choose sides. For better or for worse, Kimberly is one of us. And now that she’s no longer attached to Charlotte, she’s fair game, I thought.

I curl an arm around Kimberly’s waist and pull her close. “Wanna check out the Pillow Room?” I purr, my face very close to hers.

She pauses. “Uhh,” she says, looking surprised.

I laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you speechless before.”

She laughs, too. “And I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this drunk before.”

“Well, why don’t you accompany me over there? Keep me safe. You know…  just in case.”

“In case any wild lesbians decide to jump your bones?” she teases.

I wink at her. “Something like that.”

The Pillow Room is surprisingly empty when we arrive. Removing my shoes, I sit on one of the few cots that still has a mattress on the springs instead of on the floor. Kimberly sits down next to me. “So–”

I cut her off by pulling her face to mine. I kiss her aggressively, my tongue eagerly exploring her mouth. She answers by wrapping her arms around me.

I jump when door opens. Pepper bursts in with Kohana, who is one of the Saratoga hippies and Joani’s spouse, along with some other guy not too far behind them.

“I’m telling you, they were transcendental balls of energy!” Pepper is insisting to Kohana.

Kohana gestures to Kimberly and I on the cot. “Are they transcendental balls of energy, too?”

Pepper scoffs. “No, they’re lesbians. It’s different.”

Kimberly and I burst out laughing and sit up. Kohana and the other man join us on the bed while Pepper mutters more about transcendental energy and gesticulates wildly.

I glance at the stranger and stick my hand out. “Hey. Katherine.”

“Jerred,” he says, shaking my hand.

“So, what’s going on?” I ask.

Kohana answers, “Pepper’s taken… something… and now thinks that people are balls of energy.”

I glance at Pepper. “…huh. But not us, eh?”

“No,” Pepper insists. “The others were transcendental balls of energy. You guys are just people.”

“Are you sure?” I ask, bemused. Pepper cocks his head, contemplating me.

Kohana takes in our disheveled appearance. “I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?”

“Well, yeah,” I say. “We were just about to–”

“But it’s not exactly interrupting if you’re planning to join us,” Kimberly interrupts me.

I open my mouth to protest, then close it again. Oh, what the hell? I think to myself. It might be fun. My philosophy has always been that some dick every now and again can be fun, as long as it doesn’t happen too often, and the dick doesn’t want a relationship afterwards.

“Whaddya say, Katherine?” says Kimberly, a gleam in her eye. In response, I lean over her and begin making out with Kohana.

Soon there is only a tangle of bodies and limbs, and even I can’t tell who’s who.