Unsafe Flight

It’s very late when I finally leave the Pillow Room. The campground is quiet, and it seems that most people have gone to bed. I’m still a little wound up after witnessing Ruben and Chain’s confrontation, so I take a walk back to the main lodge. DJ Tony has packed up for the night, and the dance floor is dark. The bar is closed, and even the kitchen is locked. One of the cabin’s overhead lights are still on though, and I catch a small movement out of the corner of my eye.

“Charlotte?” I ask. “Wow, you’re awake?” I walk over to the table she’s at and sit down next to her.

“Well, I just finished my flight,” she says smugly.

“Your… flight?” I wonder if Charlotte has had a little too much Green Drink.

She laughs. “Yes, my flight. As in, a sampler, Katherine. Not an airplane.”

Oh!” I laugh too. “What were you sampling?”

“Sperm,” she answers matter-of-factly.

“I… what?”

She gives me a Look. “Oh, come on, Katherine. I told you – I want to have a baby. And just because it’s not going to be with Kimberly, doesn’t mean that I’m not still going to have one. So, I had my four men, and now I’m done.”

Four? Oh god, Charlotte… were you unprotected?”

“Of course I was unprotected. I’m trying to get pregnant.” Seeing the look of horror on my face, she assures me quickly, “But I’m done now.”

I flash back to the conversation I’d had with Santiago earlier that evening at the next table over, when she had chastised me for being unprotected and drunk. I feel guilty for making her worry, and I feel guilty for chastising Charlotte now.

“Okay,” I say reluctantly, “as long as you’re done. I’m just worried about you. I don’t want you to get… sick.” I avoid naming the exact sickness that is on my mind.

Charlotte rolls her eyes. “The only sickness I’m going to get is baby crazy.” Then, she launches into excited chatter about baby names. I smile and start to feel a little excited for her. It will be nice to have some good news, for once.


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