Unexpected Surprise

I am in the bathroom touching up my makeup when I hear the opening notes of the ritualistic song Terrence plays at the start of the party each year. Oops. The girls’ll be looking for me. Oh, well. I pucker my lips in the mirror and put on my best “come fuck me” lipstick.

It’s been a rough year, for a few reasons. First is that after almost a year of working twelve-hour days, I finally got the promotion I’d wanted: I’m now THE editor of the Times. I’m still working crazy hours, but I’ve vowed to use this vacation to have some FUN, dammit!

The second is that after my pneumonia scare, Santiago had confessed that she’d thought I was going to die before she got the chance to tell me that she was in love with me. I’d admitted to her that I also thought I was going to die, and that I was head over heels in love with her, too. After that, things were pretty great for a while. She moved into my place, and our relationship only deepened. But then we’d had a few fights where I demanded exclusivity, and Santiago refused. She said that she loved me and wanted to be with me, but refused to be in a relationship where she felt chained down – especially after what happened last year with Pen. I’d said that I understood, but still argued that being monogamous was “safer.” Eventually she got me to admit that I was simply scared of losing her. We didn’t discuss it in detail, but when I finally said that, she knew that I certainly was not referring to her leaving me for another woman. And she’d managed to assuage my fears, holding me in her arms and promising that we are safe because we’re women.

And that’s the third thing. Most of the time I try not to think too hard about the illness sweeping our community, let alone talk about it. It makes me feel helpless, and that’s too scary to dwell on. It’s the elephant in everyone’s room. A whole herd of them.

I hum along with Dolly’s Star Spangled Banner as I layer mascara onto my lashes. What was I thinking? I can’t wait to get out there and have some fun!

I walk out from the bathroom and find Santiago, Charlotte, and Kimberly just as the last notes of the Star Spangled Banner are played. I wrap my arms around Santiago and kiss her cheek. She murmurs, “I was wondering where you were.”

“Just fixing my makeup,” I reply. “I’m gonna go get a drink.” I head inside, go straight to the bar, and order a rum and Coke. I gulp it down quickly and then immediately order a double. I haven’t eaten in hours and the buzz hits me quickly – just as I’d intended.

I’m sitting by myself and surveying the room for who I can possibly start having some fun with when a familiar face walks by. Long, auburn, curly hair… Marcie. I remember her from last year, she was a friend of Nick’s. Cute girl… could be fun. I grab her arm and sway slightly. “I like fucking. Do you like fucking?” My words slur together and my tongue feels thick. And that line sounded a lot better in my head. Shit. I am really drunk.

Marcie gawks at me. “Uhh, yeah. I like fucking.”

“Good. Let’s go fuck.” I toss back the rest of my drink, then grab her hand and head backstage. She follows me, looking nervous and slightly bewildered. I find a corner just out of sight of the drag queens getting ready for tonight’s show.

We make out for a few minutes. I reach down and under her skirt… and freeze. I gaze at her in shock. She freezes too, looking like a deer in headlights. She looks terrified. Poor girl, I think. She thought I knew.

I feel the familiar stirrings of desire. A slow smile spreads onto my face as I drop to my knees. “Huh. I haven’t done this in a while.” Her eyes are wide as I push her skirt up. I grasp her hips and wrap my lips around the head of her cock, swirling my tongue around gently. She gasps, and I chuckle around her. Oh, this is hot!

I close my eyes and begin pumping my head up and down along her shaft, using her hipbones as leverage. “Oh, god,” she moans. She climaxes quickly, and I rise to kiss her again, the taste of her still on my mouth.

“Now do me,” I murmur. We switch so that she is on her knees and I am leaning against the wall. I hitch my skirt up and pull my leggings down.

She licks me tentatively, then looks up at me. “How do I– what do you like?” I push her face between my legs. “I like that.” She wiggles her tongue. “No, up and down – that’s right – harder…”

“Like that?” she asks.

“A little to the left – no, MY left – ahh yeah, right there, don’t move!”

I like a girl who aims to please, I think. She’s a good lover. But I’m so turned on, I soon become impatient. Grabbing the curls at the back of her head, I push her face hard into my crotch and hold her there as I grind myself against her. “Yeah– fuck, that’s right– AHH!!” She sucks my clit gently into her mouth and I cum, hard.

I help her back to her feet and kiss her again. “Oh man, that was hot. Thanks for that.”

“Yeah,” she says, smiling shyly. “That was nice.”

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