A Helping Hand

Back at the main lodge, I get another drink and look around for Santiago. “Maria!” I call out to the dance floor. A few heads swivel to look at me questioningly. “Maria!” I yell louder, more insistently. I get a few more funny looks, but no Santiago. Where is my girlfriend? I go out the back door and down the steps. “MARIA!” I yell, slurring slightly. Several people are staring at me now, but I don’t notice. “I’m gonna go find Maria,” I announce to no one in particular. Drink in hand, I leave the main lodge.

I am sooo drunk, I think. So what if I’m drunk as a skunk? I reason with myself. Hell, it’s a party – I deserve to relax! I meander around the campground for a bit, first peeking into the Pillow Room and then into the Darkroom, looking for something interesting to watch. The Darkroom is full of men, so I head back outside. I stumble slightly, pitching forward.

Unexpectedly, there is a voice at my side. “Whoa, you okay there?” I turn to see Barbara holding my elbow.

I stumble slightly again and turn towards her. “Hi.”

“Hey, Katherine,” she says, sounding slightly concerned. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” I wrap my arms around her neck. I am trying to lean in seductively, but in reality I am just leaning on her drunkenly. “I like fucking. Wanna fuck?”

She raises an eyebrow and chuckles incredulously. “Do I want to fuck? Um, remember last year?”

I pause. “Yeah,” I lie, having no idea what she was referring to.

“You fucked Claire. Remember? She was my girlfriend.”

“Oh,” I say. “Yeah. Well…” I pause. “You should fuck me, then. It will be good revenge.” I grin.

“Oh it will, will it?” She doesn’t sound convinced, but also doesn’t look uninterested.

“Yeah. It will make Claire jealous,” I assure her.

“Uh huh,” she answers. But she doesn’t push me away.

“Bathroom,” I say. She lets me lean on her, stumbling drunkenly toward the bathrooms.

“Anyone in here?” I call when we enter. There is only silence.

We grab a bench just outside the showers. Barbara wraps her arms around me from behind and pushes me up against the wall, lifting up my shirt and mauling my breasts aggressively. I moan appreciatively and push my hips back towards her.

She slips one finger easily inside me, then two, then three. I moan and gyrate, bracing myself against the cold wall. I hear the bathroom door open and see someone gaping out of the corner of my eye, but I don’t care. Feeling an intense pressure, I look down and realize that all I can see is her wrist. “Oh, God!” I cry out. I shudder against her as I cum.

After I’ve relaxed, she gently eases her hand back out. I sigh contentedly. “That was good. Thanks.”

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