Just A Little Lovin’ is a Nordic LARP written by Hanne Grasmo and Tor Kjetil Edlund. JaLL is game that deals with themes of desire, death, and friendship in the queer community of NYC in the early ’80s, just at the onset of the AIDS epidemic.

This is the story of my experience playing in the US run of JaLL in 2017. Both the Introduction and Conclusion are from my point of view as a player, while the story of the game itself is told from the first person narrative my character, Katherine.

This blog is more about my own personal experiences. If you want more details about the game itself, please visit the website.


Why I Wrote This Blog
Game Mechanics
Meet Katherine

Act 1: 1982 (Desire)

⚠ indicates graphic sexual content

Sin: Claire ⚠
Challenge Accepted
Tantra and Heavy Breathing ⚠
Drama in the Darkroom

Your Pen Doesn’t Work ⚠
Empty Bed, Empty Heart
A Thin Line
Close Call

In Between (Black Box)

What If It’s…?
Awkward Savior
Friend For Life

Act 2: 1983 (Fear of Death)

Unexpected Surprise ⚠
A Helping Hand ⚠
Long Time Coming
Trouble in Paradise
Winds of Change
Saratoga Seeds
Steven’s Outburst
Simon Played Keyboard
Casual Cruelty
Unsafe Flight
Sleeping Alone, Again
No Escape From Death

In Between

Spending Pink Dollars

Cameo: Mary Everett (Black Box)

Failed Marriage

Act 3: 1984 (Friendship)

A Test You Can’t Study For
Dim Stars
Katherine’s Plan
Fresh Meat
A Happy Beginning
Still Got It ⚠
It’s About Time
Max’s Mistake
It’s Not A Party Until… ⚠
Maria ⚠
Katherine To The Rescue
T and Me
Ring of Remembrance
The End of The Beginning


Debrief: Post-Game
Player Thoughts
Other Players’ Writing

Interested in Playing?